All You Need To Know About Kodi

What is Kodi?

Earlier known as XBMC, Kodi is open source entertainment softwarethat is in itself a hub for home entertainment. It is not only free to use but also supports all media players whether local or available on the net. It would be better to call it a media player that is capable of getting installed on various operating systems like Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and several other platforms. Kodi has become very popular among the people because of its rich and easy to use interface that makes listening to playback and watching videos an awesome experience. Whether you want to see photos and videos, listen to music, or play games, Kodi is always there to enhance your user experience.

How to Install Kodi?

Installing Kodi is a very easy process that can be achieved in just a few simple steps.

  • Pay a visit to the official website of Kodi
  • Go to the download page
  • Choose the operating system on which you want to install and run Kodi
  • Follow the instructions to have it installed on your system like any other program

There are many videos on YouTube to explain the steps involved in downloading and installation of Kodi on your system.

Best add-ons for Kodi

Once Kodi has been installed, you requiresadd-ons from third parties to be able to watch content endlessly on this software. Remember that all these are unofficial add-onsso you need to watch out for those that are fully compatible with Kodi. There are different ways to install add-ons for Kodi but it is advisable to first configure a repository of add-ons like SRP. These repositories contain a huge variety of add-ons that can increase the capabilities of Kodi on your system. Once you have added this repository, you get access to all the zipped files containing add-ons. Super Repo (SRP) has the most interesting add-ons for your Kodi to make your experience great while using it.


To configure SRP, you need to open Kodi and then select System to go to the File Manager. Now select Add Source and then type the URL of SRP. Click on ‘Done’ to complete the process of adding this repository. Do not forget to give the name SuperRepo to this media source before you click OK. Now your repository has been added to Kodi and you are free to choose the add-on to work with Kodi. To install add-ons from this repository, just

  • Click on Add-ons and then
  • Click on Install from Repository
  • Choose SuperRepo

Kodi app

Kodi is an amazing streaming app that has been designed keeping in mind home entertainment. It is a perfect app for you if you are fond of music, movies, sports, and videos. Originally, Kodi was created specifically for XBox and this is the time it was referred to as Xbox Media Centre (XBMC). However, Kodi continued to evolve as open soruce platform and today it has a large fan following of its own as it is no ,longer restricted for use with Xbox alone. Today there are thousands of developers constantly working to update and upgrade Kodi and the development of Kodi app is being monitored and controlled by a non-profit organization like my gym called XBMC Foundation.


There are available dozens of add-ons for Kodi to customize it and to use it not just on your desktop or laptop but also your tablet and smartphone. Unlike other streaming devices like Chromecast and Apple TV, Kodi is absolutely free to use and you can watch any content that you desire at any time. You can easily browse photos and videos using this app on any device of your liking.

Kodi Exodus

This is an add-on for Kodi that works just like the earlier add-on Genesis. If you liked Genesis with Kodi, you will definitely love to use exodus. Exodis is a very popular multisource add-on for Kodi that allows the user to watch TV programs and movies with ease. There are many add-ons like Exodus that enhance your user experience with Kodi but Exodus is the first one you need to add to your Kodi because it allows you to watch much more content in a very dramatic manner. The reason behind the popularity of this add-on for Kodi is that it has very few broken links as is the case with other add-ons. You can also watch many pirated TV shows and movies using Exodus. However, you must be cautious while using Exodus as it is advisable to watch only those programs that you are permitted legally.


The team of developers behind development and maintenance of Exodus is called Lambada. This team is considered the most prolific in the community of developers behind Kodi.

Fire Stick Kodi

Kodi is a wonderful app that is capable of streaming content form the web on your computer. You can easily watch TV shows, sports, and movies on your computer using this home entertainment app. Many people use it in conjunction with their Fire TV Stick from Amazon.   Although Amazon has removed this app from its store, there are still ways using which you can still force Kodi on to your Fire TV stick. Though it is not legal, you can still enhance your user experience by adding Kodi to your $39 Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can side load it on to Fire TV Stick and watch much more content from the web than what is Amazon giving to you. This becomes possible because of the fact that Fire TV Stick is based upon forked Android OS which allows apkfiles to be downloaded on to it.

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