Amazon Fire TV and Stick – Best IPTV Set-top BOX

The release of the brand new Fire TV is just around the corner, and it’s making people wonder if they should hold off on buying the Fire Stick or if they should hang on for the new Fire TV. Because they both seem to be about the same in terms of specs, then it can be confusing to the average tech user, leaving uncertainty about which one to pick. Both products are actually worth the consideration here, for certain.

They might seem like they do the same thing on the surface–after all, you need to plug both of them into a television, maintain an Internet connection, and create an Amazon account to install apps and watch thousands of videos. All in all, both apps are well designed to stream apps, movies, music, games, and television shows without a hitch, which gives them top of the list status.

In other words, it’s clear that there’s an actual battle here. What makes the new 4K Fire TV worth the wait is right in the name; it can support the streaming of 4K HDR video at a rate of up to 60 frames per second. This alone should make the pre-order worth the consideration, especially since the Fire Stick can only support up to 1080p HD streaming.

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