Downloading Movies and TV Shows on Netflix?

If you are a busy person and watch your favorite shows only on weekends, then you have an option to download your favorite movies and TV shows. Downloading will eliminate the consequences of watching the shows with internet. You can download the content on your Android phones, Apple devices or even on the Windows 10. The streaming service can be accessed by using Blu-ray, Smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and even on gaming consoles. However, any device with an internet connect supports Netflix. Netflix is famous because of providing 1080p HD quality picture. The video qualitymerely depends on the speed of internet connection so make sure that you own a reliable internet connection to get the best quality.

To download the movies and TV shows, you simply do not need any technical skills, but without some device specifications, you cannot download the content.

Make sure that you own a device that is

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod-having iOS 9.0 or later
  • TheAndroid devices must be having OS 4.4.4 or later
  • The version of Windows needs to be AnniversaryUpdate 1607 or later
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Netflix streaming account must be active
  • Make sure you will be using thelatest version of Netflix on Android, iOSor Windows 10.

All of the active users can watch the downloaded content offline but to access the content, an internet connection is essential for the Netflix app.

The streaming of content and downloading consumes asimilar amount of data. However, if you are concerned about data consumption then make sure to use Netflix with the Wi-Fi.

How to Download a Title?

Not all movies, episodes or season are available for download on Netflix. If you want to do a particular search, then search for the title and look for download icon. The icon means that the content is available for download or go to the Netflix menu for the specific content.

  • Now select the title you need to download.
  • Tap the download icon for movies, while the icon will appear next to available TV show.
  • When the content is completely downloaded, you can easily view it from My Downloads.

Select Appropriate Video Quality

Before downloading the content, just select the video quality, which suits you best. Higher quality content will use more storage and take more time for downloading, standard quality takes less time and less space. However, if you do not want to compromise on quality, then high-quality content will be great for you.

  • Click on the Netflix Menu icon.
  • Now go to the App Settings
  • Click on Downloads to select the Video Quality
  • Tap on the video Quality of your choice.

The Android users can stream Netflix in amazing HD quality.

How to Manage Storage Location?

If you are an Android user, then learn on how to manage storage location on your device.

  • Click on the Netflix Menu icon.
  • Just Scroll down and select App Settings.
  • Select Download Location under the Downloads heading.
  • Now select the appropriate location where you want to store the file. This option will change the location of Storage in future as well.

How to Watch the Downloaded Content?

If you want to watch the downloaded content on device, then open Netflix application and tap on the Menu Icon. Now select My Downloads and tap the icon playmentioned on the title, which you want to watch.

Support Service by Netflix

When you use Netflix, the high level of video quality will surely impress you. The streaming platform lets you availamazing service. Netflix assists its customers and allows them to deal with every type of problem. If you want directhelp, then you can reach out to the customer service via the phone and email options. Though, they also support live chat service. In the live chat, a representative will start chatting and without wasting, any time will help you to solve the problem. The agent will appear live until unless you do not resolve the issue. Make sure to keep your device’s update.

Netflix is a great easy to use themedia-streaming app, which provides anexceptional solution for people who wants to save money and quit using cable or satellite TV service. The amazing service plans to expand its features and will soon allow users to access next wave of picture quality known as 4k technology. So enjoy the best features as well as exclusive entertainment options, whichbe more important than the price.

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