Step by step guide to side load and install Kodi on to your Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Go to Settings and then choose Developer Options by clicking on System
  • Enable the options of both ADB Debugging as well as Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Once again go to System and choose Network from About option to get the IP address of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick
  • Download APK file of Android ARM
  • Open the link of ADB and click on the option of New
  • Personalize your Fire TV Stick by giving a name and then save this name along with the IP address
  • Click on Connect. You will see your Fire TV Stick being listed in the devices that are being shown as Connected
  • Go to this list and highlight the name you have given to your device
  • Now click on Install APK
  • Select the APK file you installed earlier and then click Yes
  • You will see ADB running att eh bottom of the window
  • Your Kodi has been successfully installed on your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Kodi Box

A Kodi box is just like a set top box that is being made and sold by many companies around the world. It has Kodi software installed in it and comes with a plug and play capability to make it very popular among the customers. It is a device that allows customers to download and stream content form the web and also see videos on demand. It is legal and safe to buy and use Kodi Boxes. But it is illegal to stream shows from subscription channels that are not free for viewers. There are also available in the market some heavily modified devices (Kodi boxes) that make it possible to stream paid content.


A court in Europe has recently given a ruling that says watching pirated content by installing a heavily loaded device is illegal and legal action should be initiated against the company selling ther device.You can avail loans from Amazon, the company that sells Fire TV Sticks, has announced that it will freeze the accounts of all those customers who are found violating the rules.


Kodi IPTV is simply an add-on that allows customers to watch IPTV on their laptops and other devices after installing Kodi on their computers. You can receive not just thousands of TV channels from around the world but also get to listen to radio channels from all parts of the world. You need to install Kodi first and then a special add-on to be able to watch IPTV live on your computer or laptop. There are many companies selling these IPTV add-ons to give Kodi users another attractive proposition.

Kodi download

Kodi is a powerful media entertainment centre that makes it possible for the users to download and stream media content from the web on demand. It is an open source platform that is freely available to all provided they do not use it to watch content that is paid or not available for free. You can use it to view photos, videos, and also to listen to music on your computer or smartphone. It has easy to understand user interface and it can be customized to your liking. Kodi is available for download on not just the official website of the company but also on android App store. There are many other sources from where you can download this versatile media entertainment hub for your personal use.

Kodi remote

Makers of Kodi visualized it as a tool to create environment for entertainment at a distance of 10 feet inside a living room. It therefore becomes necessary for you as a user of Kodi to get a Kodi remote for yourself. This is because it is practically not feasible to go up to your set top box every now and then just to change TV channels or to change to music whenever you so desire. You need Kodi remote compatible with Kodi working on iOS while you need a different Kodi remote to work with your Android OS smartphone. Thankfully, all Kodi remotes compatible with devices are easily available in the market as well as on internet. You have to do your own homework when buying the best Kodi remote for use at home or office. Make sure that the remote can be replaced if it does not work to your full satisfaction on your device on which Kodi is installed. Also do not forget to compare the prices and features of various Kodi remotesbeing sold in the market before buying one for your use.

Kodi movie

For streaming TV shows and movies, you need to download Kodi add-ons in your device. Different add-ons have different capabilities and you can check out the movie channels a particular add-on is capable of streaming before adding it to your Kodi. While some add-ons can stream European and Russian channels, there are others good enough to stream Hollywood movies on your device fitted with Kodi. There are also add-ons that are specially tuned to stream Bollywood movies for a huge market using Kodi in the Indian subcontinent. Once you have installed the add-ons, you are ready to watch movie of your own choice on your computer directly from the web.


Now that you know everything about Kodi, it is time to move ahead and make Kodi your home entertainment hub in your living room. Choose the right add-ons to enhance your pleasure when watching media content directly form the web. Also, please be cautious while downloading and streaming content from the web as watching paid content or subscription channels is illegal in many countries.

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